The Dexter Mailbox has a lock!

April 11, 2016


Run it over, but you're not getting in!

The Dexter Mailbox was first produced 5 years ago in Austin Texas by the steel architectural fabrication studio called Steel House MFG. Steel House had been producing custom steel planters for businesses and home owners for 3 years and began experimenting with new products. 

An idea for a mailbox was drawn up, cut & welded. That mailbox became known as The Dexter, named after a beautiful street in Austin, TX. After repeated sales and an online market asking for more modern steel goods, Steel House started a sister company, Bold MFG 

The Dexter Mailbox has been through changes over the years. Customer feedback has been our biggest asset to making changes and updates. 

You’ve asked Bold to solve a problem. So our designers went back to The Dexter and after some engineering and product testing a solution had been found. We are now proud to introduce The Dexter Mailbox now with locking option. 


All steel 3/16” plate construction - Earth magnet closure - Large hinged door Newspaper/Small package shelf - Custom address numbers - Post option SECURITY LOCK -- NOW AVAILABLE 


2012 - Steel box with hinge, magnets for closure and post that could stop a tank. 2013 - Classic edition! CNC plasma cut ‘POST’ option
2014 - Custom edition! Options for personal address numbers
2016 - Locking option, for those who need a tank with a solider at the ready

Here's a link to our most recent video, watch The Dexter be built.


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